Published books:

FICTION (Titles link to Amazon)    

Secrets and Strangers (12 short stories), Amazon.com (2012)

The Key Party, Creators Publishing, 2017

Zona Romantica, Anaphora Literary Press, 2020

Tales of Little Egypt, Atmosphere Press, 2020

Murder at the Olympiad, Atmosphere Press, 2021


“Christian Singles,” Second place in 2016  F. Scott Fitzgerald Short Story Contest Contest

"Sunrise in the Valley," Honorable mention in 2021, F. Scott Fitzgerald Short Story Contest


Whose Fair?: Memory, Experience, and History at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, University of Chicago Press, 2009.


Men in the Middle: Searching for Masculinity in the 1950s, University of Chicago, 2005

Explorations of American Culture Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Sweden, 2000

Redeeming Culture:  American Religion in an Age of Science University of Chicago, 1997.

Perfect Cities: Chicago's Utopias in the 1890's. University of Chicago, 1991. A New York Times Notable Book of 1991

A Cycle of Outrage:  America's Reaction to the Juvenile Delinquent in the 1950s.  Oxford, 1986.

The Pursuit of Liberty.  Random House, 1983 (Joint Authorship with R. Jackson Wilson, et al).  (revised edition, Wadsworth, 1989).  Third edition:  Harper\Collins, 1995.

Another Chance:  America After World War II.  New York:  Alfred A. Knopf, 1981.  2nd ed. 1985.


Work Without Salvation:  America's Intellectuals and Industrial Alienation, 1880‑1910.  Baltimore: Johns Hopkins, 1978.

Designing the Industrial State:  The Intellectual Pursuit of Collectivism in America.  Chicago:  Quadrangle, 1972.


Writers and Partisans:  A History of Literary Radicalism in America.  New York:  John Wiley, 1968.  (Republished, Columbia University Press, 1992)



"City of Ghosts," a novel about Berlin

"The Good Folks of Jericho Valley," Eleven interlocked short stories




“Murder at the Olympiad”

“Danielle”  (these two novels continue the mystery series begun with ZONA ROMANTICA (2020)

“Dreaming of Graceland”